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By industrial classification, we are most aptly described as a gasket manufacturer, though most of our products aren't "gaskets" to our customers.  In short, we, first, convert  sheeted and rolled materials (mostly rubber, plastics, and other non-rigid materials) into usable die-cut, slit, sheared, or otherwise precision-cut shapes.  These products include many standard and semi-standard products like rubber washers, sponge weather stripping, and flange gaskets, plus tens of thousands of parts manufactured to customer specifications.  Secondly, we stock and distribute many molded and extruded products like rubber o-rings, grommets, and blade seals, also made to both standard and customer specifications.

We serve customers ranging from Fortune 100 companies to municipalities, small manufacturers, and distributors, as well as inventors, entrepreneurs, and hobbyists.  We make standard products like flange gaskets, bolted tank strip gasketing, plastic and rubber washers, and manufacture or distribute tens of thousands of different custom components.  All told, we have parts in more places than we could ever count, including aircraft, medical equipment, irrigation systems, HEPA air filtration facilities, bridges and buildings, water and sewer systems, all kinds of electronic devices, and maybe even in your own bathroom faucet or GPS unit.

Our wide array of manufacturing and distribution capabilities have been developed to meet the high standards of Aerospace and Medical Equipment manufacturers, amongst others, as well as the comprehensive ISO 9000:2008 quality well as more ordinary applications.   Click HERE for more about us.

Rubber Gaskets, Seals, Cushions, Pads...

Plastic Products

Fiber, Cork, Compressed / Composite Gasket Products

Custom Manufacturing

Things to know about us:

  • Zero to very low initial tooling and minimal purchase requirements on most products. 
  • Free quotes...and we'll let you know if your requirement is beyond our capabilities or is going to take some time.  If we can, we'll even suggest where you might find what you're looking for in such cases.
  • Samples, prototypes, and technical assistance available at zero to low cost in most cases.
  • We feature both lower prices and minimums than most distributors,  plus generous quantity and overall volume discounts for original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) and resellers.
  • Complete, multi-tier price lists on many products online and free shipping and handling on all orders over $100 for standard priced products.
  • Prompt personal service guaranteed.
  • Is NOW too late?  Although we run a tight schedule in order to maintain our consistent 99%+ on-time rate, we will and often do perform virtual miracles on rush requirements.
  • We specialize in "special."  That means that from our internally designed and programmed computer systems to unique customer kanban systems to difficult physical properties, we thrive off of our ability to be both a world-class supplier and responsive to unique customer requirements.
  • We have a large and diverse inventory of materials in stock that we can and will, if at all possible, use to rapidly produce or ship as-is.  There is no hard-line policy regarding minimum lead times.  Here is a brief list of material categories we stock:
  • Sheet Rubber
  • O-Ring Cord
  • Sponge Rubber
  • Cellular Foam
  • Rubber Slabs
  • Foam Rubber
  • Closed Cell Sponge
  • Cloth Inserted Rubber
  • Diaphragm Sheet
  • Open Cell Foam
  • Wire Inserted Rubber
  • Rubber Coated Wire Cloth
  • Plastic Sheets
  • Plastic Films
  • Phenolic Sheets
  • Epoxyglass Laminates
  • Vulcanized Fibers
  • Ceramic Wool Blanket
  • Fiberglass Blanket Insulation
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  • Organic Fiber Composites
  • Composition Cork Sheet
  • Cork and Rubber Composites
  • Fiber Filtration Medias
  • Plastic Screen Cloth
  • Metal Foils
  • Wire Cloth Screen
  • RF Shielding Materials
  • EMI Shielding

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